We have taken the time to consider WHO documentation on the Covid pandemic, its causes, effects and impact.  We believe that our planet and its people should always be the principal consideration and that sensible authoritative decision making is the best way to manage in these circumstances.

Across the UK we have all had number of friends, colleagues and clients who have had the virus and thankfully vaccination has provided some degree of protection for the moment.

However, recovery can take months and so the best course of action especially if you have any vulnerabilities is not to catch it in the first place.

Consequently, we believe that the best position for us to take is to protect ourselves so that we can continue to support you.  If we become ill, we cannot support you, so bear with us and accept that since the majority of our work can be done online be it website support/hosting issues or remote management we will be able to support you.



Many thanks to Mr T Parnell who’s image of Muirhouse, Stow (on the front page slide which took you to this page) we have apapted under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike v2.0 licence