When you set up a program to collect email on your computer you have to put in a number of different settings including your email address and password.  You also have to up in the mail server name.  Additionally you have to use secure authentication.  this makes your email address more secure.

To set up  Outlook follow the links at the bottom of the page.  Using POP3 removes mail from the server after a pre-determined time, so freeing up disk space on the server.

Your email server name is: ceres.uksrv.co.uk

How to set it up:


Username: Username@mydomain.org.uk

Then the above user’s Email account password

Authentication is required to receive AND send

You may need to adjust your email program to rectify any problems

Both your Incoming server and outgoing server (if you are using our servers to send emails)  connection must be authenticated using your mailbox address and password

Next – Secure SSL/TLS settings

(for specific program configuration, see below)

Incoming mail server: ceres.uksrv.co.uk            IMAP port: 993                POP3 port:995

Outgoing mail server: ceres.uksrv.co.uk             SMTP port: 465


If you are not using our servers for sending messages, then refer to your ISP.  However, the standard non secure settings for sending messages are:

  • Check whether your outgoing server requires authentication (Karoo does not – so make sure this is unchecked)
  • Make sure that the incoming server uses port 995 (POP) and the SSL box is ticked.
  • Make sure the outgoing server port is 25 and the encryption type is Automatitc


Extra info

Some email clients (such as Thunderbird) support the newer SSL with STARTTLS protocol for secure authentication of mail.  If in doubt, use the traditional SSL ports.

Incoming mail POP3 port (non SSL or SSL with STARTTLS): 110
Incoming mail POP3 port if using traditional SSL (Older versions of anything from Microsoft): 995

Incoming mail IMAP port (non SSL or SSL with STARTTLS): 143
Incoming mail IMAP port if using traditional SSL (Older versions of anything from Microsoft): 993

Outgoing mail SMTP port (non SSL or SSL with STARTTLS): 25 or 525
Outgoing mail SMTP port if using traditional SSL (Older versions of anything from Microsoft): 465

PLEASE set your POP3 collection interval to 2 minutes or longer. Our servers will block IP addresses that collect POP3 mail more than 90 times per hour.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE that if you try to connect to the mail servers too many times with the wrong settings, your local IP will be blocked (5 times in a few minutes)


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