We can offer consultancy services in evaluation, management support, research and project development.

We have considerable experience in data handling and have significant experience in ICT consultancy and technical specification.

For further information contact: info@tservices.co.uk

We have worked for the past 14 years in both the public and voluntary sectors covering a wide range of activity including:

  •   Evaluation of NRF & WNF programmes
  •   Social Enterprise Research
  •   LEADER & LEADER Plus
  •   ICT advice for NLDC capital expenditure
  •   Evaluation of learning attitudes in community environments
  •   Analysis of voluntary sector data
  •   Database design for project output recording
  •   Development of web-based ICT support infrastructure
  •   Facilities management for mixed training and workshop space
  •   Voluntary Sector ICT analysis
  •  Survey development and data analysis
  •  Web site development
  •  Database Design
  • Technical specification for funding applications
  • Project recovery and interim management

We work both independently and in partnership with other consultancies in providing effective workable solutions.

Its staff have over 20 years of public and voluntary sector experience in areas
including operational project management and senior strategic management.