Picmonkey is an online image and photo editing application which manages most of the effects and tweaks you need for preparing images for your website… and more.


Using it is straightforward, but for extra information you can always use their video tutorials

and “how to’s”

For a basic introduction, see the video below:

Top ten tutorials

Basic Edits Definitions

images manually or type in the desired proportions. PicMonkey offers preset crop sizes for
printing or for using as online avatars.

tool allows you to rotate your photo 90? to the left or right, flip, or straighten your photo
with the slider or drawing a line with your mouse along an edge that should be straight.

Many features work with a single mouse click but allow the option to adjust a
slider for more control with Edits, Effects, the size and transparency of text,
Stickers, and Frames.

allows you to manually adjust the brightness, highlights, shadows,
and contrast of your image, or you can have PicMonkey Auto –
adjust the image.

allows you to auto adjust the colors in your image. The neutral picker option allows you to
use a dropper to balance out the colors in the image so that one color doesn’t overshadow the
other colors in the image. You can also adjust the slider bars to change the saturation and
temperature of the colors in your image.

allows you to adjust the slider bars to change the sharpness and clarity of the pixels in
your image.

allows you to enter a new width and height for your image. This will give your image new
dimensions. You may choose to Use Percentages if you would like the image to be 50% larger. It is
recommended to Keep Proportions as well.

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