These instructions start you at the very beginning and can be used for either an iPad or an iPhone (iOS 8). If you are troubleshooting, tap on the account you want to edit and jump to number 8.
PLEASE NOTE that a message saying cannot connect to the server does NOT imply that the password is necessarily wrong – it could be a number of other factors, so please go through and check them all. Too many wrong attempts to log in will result in you being blocked by the server. If you think this has happened, call or text Chris with your IP address (you can find out what this is by typing

1 Go to Settings, Mail and Add Account
2 Choose Other
3 Add Mail Account
4 The name of the Account is for your reference
5 Email address and password are as provided
6 Description is just for your reference
7 Choose whether to use IMAP or POP
8 IMAP uses the server to store your messages and simply connects to them on your device. POP actually downloads them to your device and can then delete them from the server
9 The host name is
10 The user name is your full email address
11 The password is the password the email address above
12 The outgoing server is
13 The username is not optional – it is your email address
14 With the password as before
15 If prompted simply go through the process of saving even if error messages appear
16 Tap the account again and then tap it again
16 Scroll down to SMTP and tap the server name (
17 Make sure it says primary server and tap on it again
18 SSL should be green
19 Change the server port to 465
20 Click done – it will attempt to verify the sending server. Whatever the message choose save
21 When back at the account screen choose Advanced at the bottom
22 check that the incoming settings use SSL and the Server Port is set to 993
23 Leave settings and go to mail
24 send a message!