If your going to be absent from a workstation/computer for any length of time then it is possible to set up an automatic response to incoming e-mails letting people know you are not there (for example).  If you use Microsoft Outlook with a locally hosted exchange server, the option is built in, but if you use standalone Outlook or other services you may need to set it up through webmail (using CPanel) on the web server.

Log onto your webmail web page http://www.”yourweb.org.uk”/webmail  Type in the details for your Email Address and your password in the respective boxes. This will bring you to your personal e-mail page (note this can be used to read mail from any internet connection world wide).

OR, login to your cPanel account and go to autoresponders in the Email section

Choose Auto-Responders for a  message to be sent to people e-mailing you while you are away.  Add a responder (or edit an existing responder).

You will need to fill in the  from, subject and text boxes to activate the responder.Press the  “Create Modify” button to finish the process.You can set the dates for the start and finish of the automatic message.  Even though this message goes out to people sending you a message, you will still receive your messages

When you want to remove the responder it is the same process or you can change the dates. Press the  “Create Modify” button to finish the process.

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