The best email services

Firstly, it’s important to have a decent email address and if you are an organisation or business it should reflect your business name and/or website address.  In other words, if someone sends me an email from a gmail address or one of the other “personal” address systems I regard it as personal or from someone who does not have the capacity to have their own email system that they control.  Normally when you buy a domain name it comes with email options and all is handled through the servers that host the domain name.  But that may be limiting either by space or the number of services on offer.  However, it is easy enough to “split” the mail element away from your hosting domain.  This means that you could have your email managed by a different company with greater resources and capacity including space and anti-virus at source.  The added professionalism can help your business, allowing you to save and archive more messages, have additional features and access a sophisticated web based option for mail as well.  It can be like having your own mail server in the cloud without the cost of running a server.  A couple of the main contenders here are google and outlook, but for a comprehensive look at a variety of alternatives along with their pros and cons have a look at this feature from Cloudwards