Everything you need to get started with no frills.
This hosting package is all you need to run your website and email addresses.
You get full access and full control and it’s all up to you!
If there’s a problem with the hosting we will help you out, but otherwise it’s all DIY!
However, we do provide a number of helpful crib sheets for you to download from our protected resources area.

This is what you get for £80.00:

3000Mb hard disk space (increased in 2024!)
access to the hosting control panel
Your website backed up daily on a rolling 30 day cycle
up to 30 email addresses (increased in 2024!)
Server side SPAM control (including blacklisting & whitelisting)
3 parked domains
3 sql databases
Webmail access
Does not include domain registration charges
Does not include email setup
Full access to support documentation
Does not include nameserver transfer or website transfer
Support limited to critical issues by email.
Additional work charged at £60.00/hr – minimum time of 15mins. Payable in advance

£12.50/Gb/yr extra over 3Gb