We build websites.  We use WordPress to build websites because they are open source content managed systems.  This means that they stay up to date and the code is free to use which reduces costs.  They are also hugely popular with millions (well tens of millions of websites using these systems).  There are huge levels of functionality (graphics, sliders, ecommerce, booking systems, diaries etc etc), but WordPress is easier to get to grips with and so is what we recommend for most people.

Getting a basic website built is easy and very good value for money as within the standard fee of £750.00 is the care package (worth £100), your domain name and the hosting (worth £133)!  You also receive a basic tailor made training manual valued at £50.00.  In addition you gain access to a number of downloadable resources and training materials to help you on the way.

many a webpageThis basic package includes:

  • Setting up a basic template
  • Installing anti-spam software
  • Installing security and malware prevention software
  • Installing a WYSIWYG editor
  • Setting up all the basic settings
  • Links to Facebook and Twitter
  • Your content and images uploaded
  • Full control (and unlimited pages) given to you
  • 30 day rolling backup of files, emails and databases